Face Off: Croc vs Hippo

Crocodile and Hippopotamus Face Off

In one corner we have a crocodile - 1500 lbs, 80 tearing teeth, excels at surprise hunting attacks.  In the other corner is hippopotamus 3000 lbs, a huge advantage in weight with thick tough skin.  Who wins as they meet face to face?

We've all seen videos of crocodiles taking out wildebeest and zebras. Have you ever wondered how crocs and hippos interact? They both spend much of their time in the rivers of Africa. I had the privilege of learning first hand when a hippo died near it's pod. Crocodiles have an incredible sense of smell and over the next few days they came from miles up/down river to feed on the carcass.  When they were done feasting they would bask in the sun on the nearby banks and sandbars.  This hippo did not like the crocs resting in the area so he walked along the sandbar and one by one the crocs moved out of his way.  This particular croc was bigger and stood his ground for a bit before deciding he could find another spot.

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