Hello World!

I’m a software engineer by day, so it seems appropriate to start off my first blog post with “Hello World” J  For those who are unfamiliar the classic first program that you write in a programming language is one that outputs the words “Hello World”.

When I’m not working my greatest passions are enjoying nature, photography and travel.  I combine the three together whenever possible utilizing photography to record and share the natural beauty and wildlife that I find.

My goals for this blog:

  1. To share some of the phenomenal locations I've visited in hopes of inspiring others to visit. I believe that travel helps preserve the environment by encouraging others to learn and care about it.  It also provides an economic incentive for the locals to preserve the area.
  2. To tell the stories around some of the photographs.
  3. To provide tips on traveling to a location.  I can’t be a substitute for a travel guide, but I can provide tips based on my research and experience.
  4.  An outlet for the fun photos that tell the story, but aren't worthy of a photography site.

Posting timeline? That is a hard question.  I hope to spend some time each week either posting photos to my photography site (http://www.ferraroimages.com)  or posting here.  However, we all know that life doesn’t always cooperate and I do need to find time to research and visit new locations.  I’ll do what I can and hopefully overtime this will grow to be a resource on several locations.

Welcome and I hope this becomes a blog you enjoy.


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